Sunday School Classes

9:30 - 10:15 am Every Sunday

Nursery (Newborn - 2)  -  Preschool (Age 3 to 2nd Grade)  -  Grade 3-5


The youth have lively discussions using the Bible as a reference for daily life

Grades 6-8  and  Grades 9-12 

Adult Round Table Class

This is a dynamic class driven by studies of the Scriptures and Christian topics. It's focus is on applying God's word to our lives. The class has a broad array of attendees  ages 18 - 81+. The class is coordinated by Steve Lyvers .

Disciples On A Journey

This class uses a variety of videos related to Scriptures, the Christian Journey and other faiths. Each week they watch part of a video and share in discussion about it.  The class is facilitated by Eldon Morgan.

  Christian Foundations Class
This class is offered during Lent for those interested in learning more about First Christian Church (DoC) and the Christian Church (DoC).  It is for new members, those considering joining the church or anyone wanting to learn more about their faith and the history of the church.  

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